The following is from UK Athletics and must be upheld during the Yateley 10k Series

"The wearing of headphones, or similar devices, (other than those medically prescribed), is not permitted in races on any single carriageway road that is not wholly closed to traffic.

2016 Dates

Wed 1st June
Wed 13th July (2nd Wed in July)
Wed 3rd Aug

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2016 Race 2 Fun Run

2016 Race 1 Fun Run

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2016 Runners Notes

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Race 1 Road Closure Notice
Race 2 Road Closure Notice
Race 3 Road Closure Notice

2015 Races Raised an Amazing £12,400 for Local Charities and Causes

2015 Results

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10k & Fun Run Results

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Each Year we need to know your thoughts to help us improve this event. Please email

Race Director



Entries for the 2015 Yateley 10k Series are now Full - Please click on the race+ logo for on-line entries or print and sent the postal entry forms below.

Please note that EA membership numbers will need to be include in the on-line entry. Without this number you are uninsured to race which is why a £2 levy is added to race entries.

Please speak to one of your club committee members for more information on this

On-Line entries Close 7 days before each race
Postal entries Close 7 days before each race



Affiliated Non-Affiliated
1 Race £13:00 1 Race £15:00
2 Races £24:00 2 Races £28:00
Race Series £33:00 Race Series £39:00

+Booking fee when booking on-line

FREE ENTRY TO ANYONE AGE 15 OR 65 AND OVER ON RACE DAY. Email Race directory for discoiunt code for Free entry


Please be aware that new guidelines for race organisers have been issued from Run Britain asking race organisers to spot check athletes to check their England Athletics membership numbers are genuine and up to date.  Please can you make sure that you have registered and paid your England Athletics Fees for 2016.  

Any questions please email yrr-director@sandhurstjoggers.org.uk


10k Online Entries


Fun Run


Fun run entry is only via postal form and can be entered on the night

2016 Yateley Fun Run Form

Number Exchange

Number Exchange Form


We understand that some of you will not be able to run and, given the restriction on numbers of entrants each year, may wish to pass your number on to someone else who is able to run.

If you have entered more than one race, you can pass on a number and still run as yourself in the other race(s) if you wish.

We are happy to accommodate this prior to the race. Please download the Number Exchange form (PDF format) and hand it in before the race. If you can't download it, they'll be at the info desk on the night.


This is important for 2 reasons

1. If you are injured, or worse, during the race, we do not know who you are and who your emergency contact is. This means we cant get hold of people you know and we will ring the original Emergency contact saying you have been taken ill etc, etc.  

2. If someone runs in your number it can cause issues with results - If you are a senior male running in a number allocated to a 74-year-old woman and it suddenly looks like a world record has been set.




Yateley road races is a non profit making race. All money earned from the race is given to charity or used to pay for commodities needed for the race.  In light of this IF the race had to be cancelled for any reason we would not be able to give a refund. The committee will always do everything they can to ensure that races do go ahead as scheduled as it would only be under extreme circumstances that the race would be cancelled



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